Wow! What an experience, this year’s Bali Coaching Retreat was! 🌅 We had plenty of tears and tantrums, but above all else, we had some amazing times and memories for a lifetime! 🤗 The most important thing I found, was that during these 6 days, everybody was pushed way outside their comfort zone, and from […]

Only one more day left of the Bali Coaching Retreat, and it’s been an incredible week! 🌅 Ive learnt so many lessons personally, about others…. and as a group we’ve had some incredible breakthroughs! 💪🏻 In this Episode, you get to meet a few of the people who joined me on the retreat, listen to […]

In Episode 18, I spoke about self doubt. It’s now only 38 episodes later and Im talking about it again! 😬 Why? Well, after my experiences at Day 1 of the Coaching Retreat in Bali, I’ve now realised more than ever, just how much it impedes the success of so many business owners. 😵 More […]

One of the questions I get asked a lot is ‘how frequently should I email or sms my clients?’ 🤔 The answer is… well, it depends on the content. There are some people who I would receive content from 10 times a day, but then there’s others, I would unsubscribe if it was more than […]

Get your Salon Growth Seminar Ticket NOW! 👉🏻https://salongrowthseminar.com One of the major problems I see in business these days…small business anyways, is that they’re trying to be everything to everyone! The problem with trying to be everything to everyone, is that you end up being nothing to no one. 👎🏻 This is an important message […]

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