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Twelve years ago, I got the bug. The business bug. I had books arriving at the house daily, cd-sets (yes, CD’s 👴) on in the car at every moment, booking myself in at frequent seminars… and I just couldn’t get enough. At the time, I thought everyone could be an entrepreneur. In fact, I would […]

So many times when Im speaking with Business Owners, they can’t tell me what their point of difference is. 🤷‍♀️ A lot of the time, I get told it’s their ‘customer service’ or their ‘products’, but customer service is an expectation – not a point of difference; and products are a commodity that can be […]

One of the things Ive noticed lately talking to my Coaching Clients, is the lack of acknowledgement of their own successes to date. 😖 People with smaller wins are always comparing themselves to those who are having huge victories, and those who are seeing massive success, are scared to appreciate it, in case they get […]

Im always sharing my own story and my own journey, but in this episode, I wanted to allow one of my Inner Circle Clients, the opportunity to share theirs. Tara came to me in February this year, and in the past 3 months, she has quadrupled her monthly return, hired 3 more staff and is […]

If you only had 5 minutes a day to do one thing that would grow your business, what would it be? 🤔 If you come up with an answer, and you’re not doing that thing, every single day, then there’s no wonder why you’re not getting closer to your goals, as quickly as you would […]

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