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10 years ago, I had a massive threat to my business, and how I reacted, was either going to make or break me…. 😣 Over the course of a few months, I went through every emotion possible! Eventually I ended up realising that, if I was going to keep my dreams alive, I had to […]

Too many people in business are looking for immediate results and immediate successes. Unfortunately, business isn’t like that, and it takes time to build success. It takes time to learn the skills and the develop the tools you need to succeed, but patience seems to allude a lot of business owners. If you understand success, […]

I get asked this question a lot, do referral programs work? The answer is yes, but only if you do them right and you take control of the referral process. In this episode, I talk through the correct way to do a referral program, so you can get a steady stream of clients coming in, […]

In my time training and mentoring, along with owning many businesses, there is one thing that sells more than anything else…confidence. What I’m noticing lately though, is that confidence seems to be in short supply. I see it more and more, that people are so quick to judge themselves and be critical of their actions […]

One of my Inner Circle clients has had massive success so far this year and it’s from many things, but one in particular. Tara doesn’t dwell on things or question every detail or change the details of the strategy. She takes good advice, she implements it straight away and then she sees success from it. […]

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