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They say that curiosity killed the cat…but it built the Entrepreneur. Real entrepreneurs get curious about all sorts of things and this is what helps them grow. Instead of waiting around for someone to give you answers, you need to get curious enough to find the answers yourself. Find out how things work and why […]

There’s 3 types of business owner; the victim, the spectator and the player. It’s been a journey for me to finally become a full time player in the game, but it’s a matter of conditioning that mindset. There are a lot of victims and spectators in business, but if you want to be successful in […]

So many people are scared to produce content in case nobody listens. ‘What if nobody responds or comments or shares? Well, what if they are listening, but you just don’t know it? What if your dream clients are listening and reading to everything you produce, but you just don’t know it yet? In this episode […]

4 weeks ago, Katie was a home Salon owner that had barely any bookings. The bookings she did have, were the wrong type of bookings she wanted and needed. Fast forward 4 weeks and Katie has a totally different business thanks to her ability to make swift decisions and commit to them. Last night Katie […]

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